Guide to Get Started with SPSS

A brief overview

SPSS Statistics is a software package that deals with interactive, batched and statistical analysis used in a multitude of industries ranging from software, IT, manufacturing, fashion, media houses etc.

Currently owned by the IBM Corporation, it has gained immense use in all of these industries due to many reasons like easy interface, no requirement of prior knowledge on statistics and hence easy use by any user, advanced statistic features that aid in solving various data problems etc.

This package can solve problems starting from basic levels like mean, mode, median, standard deviation to the complex ones like distribution, linear programming, factor analysis, chi-square test etc. Hence an in-depth knowledge of this software is a must and this article lays an overview of the installation of this along with a brief description on what kind of help with SPSS you could get.

Help with SPSS

Installation steps for Windows users

The following are some easy steps for the easy installation of SPSS for Windows users:

● Downloading the installation file of the package from the official website of the software vault of IBM

● Launching the file and following up the instructions accordingly to begin the process

● Accepting the Python package confirmation during the time of installation

● Post completion, selecting the option of launch to start the software for license authorization

● Clicking on license status option, going to product authorization and entering the license code to complete the authorization of the product. Post this step, the product runs successfully on the system.

For the users of other OS, similar steps can be followed and the detailed guide can be found easily on the official website of the SPSS.

Help with SPSS

Help from the online forums

There are a number of dedicated forums to provide online coaching and detailed guidance regarding help with spss. These forums can provide well described and simple video and text lectures on the use of the package in different languages, regular assessment in the form of assignments, continuous doubt clearing sessions and sub-forums for active discussion among the members. The contents of the package basically include the following:

● Introduction to the window and tools of SPSS

● Introduction to SPSS variable types and formats of their usage

● Simple statistics like calculation of mean, median, mode, variance, and standard deviation

● Curve fitting and regression tools

● ANOVA, parametric and non-parametric tests for the data interpretation

● Conduction of the various data tests like factor analysis, chi-square, rank correlation, mean square weighted, regression, Spearman’s ranks etc.

Support help

Even the support help with spss is also available quite easily over the online forums and can be availed in the following manner:

● Visiting the website of IBM community and signing in with IBM ID

● Choosing the SPSS product and opening up the case

● Filling up the required details and then submitting to send a notification to the support team regarding the problem of the user

This help can also be availed over the phone by directly calling the customer care that can direct your grievances to the requisite personnel.